What to expect

An important part of my work is creating a warm, non-judgmental space to enable you to speak about whatever it is that’s important to you. We might look at one of a number of things throughout the therapy:

  • How did you get here? What are the underlying causes and conditions of what is troubling you.
  • Where would you like to go, and what prevents you from getting there?
  • What are your relational patterns, how did they develop and what could you do to shift those that do not serve you any longer?
  • Strength-building, what are your resources, in your body, your self, and around you, and how can we utilise these within the therapy and your life.
  • Psychoeducation about any biological processes at work.

As well as this, I also draw on various other approaches, such as attachment, systemic theory and bio-psycho-social theories of trauma, which means that I am able to tailor my approach depending on the individual needs of my client. I am also trained to offer the trauma therapies Brainspotting and the Rewind Technique.

And finally:

  • Sitting with you through grief and pain and anger and sadness and trauma and also joy and expansion and life and death and.. all of it, really; all the nuances and facets and complexities of the human experience.

For more information on my assessment process, please see my FAQ’s.

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