Will you see me if I identify as male?

I am afraid that I do ask that you identify as a woman in order to access my services.

Do I have to have experienced abuse to come and see you?

No, I have experience working with a wide variety of issues. I can support you in your mental and emotional health, as well as with more existential concerns; a general sense of not-quite-rightness in your life, or non-specific sadness, or difficulties with intimate relationships.

I want to support my clients to live fully and meaningfully, in lives that are consciously chosen. I think that therapy can be a useful tool in the search for your ‘best life’, as well as dealing with the trauma and difficulties that almost all of us are handed at some point (although some, admittedly, more than others).

Can you work online or over the phone?

Not at the moment as I do not have a secure connection.