Pre and post natal

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Pregnancy and birth can be a particularly evocative time, where we re-examine our relationships with ourselves and those around us. Perhaps we had a difficult time growing up, and wish to avoid the mistakes of our caregivers, or perhaps we are struggling with the changes taking place in our bodies. Perhaps we are not sure why we are uneasy, but would like to talk it through nonetheless.

Planning for birth can be both exciting and anxiety producing as you envision your labour. It can be useful to talk your birth plan through with a skilled professional, particularly if you are have had a traumatic birth previously or other traumas that you fear might impact how you respond to the process of giving birth.

After the birth, there will often be a real sense of upheaval as the constellation of both your immediate and wider family shifts to include this tiny, new being. Expectations of all those involved, particularly when combined with intense sleep deprivation for the parents and the intensity of caring for a newborn, can feel very difficult to manage.

It may be that you would like to come and see me for one, two or  three sessions to speak through your immediate feeling about labour and birth, or you would prefer to come and speak to someone on a slightly longer term basis for support throughout.

Either is fine; I am happy to talk you through your feelings, and together hopefully we can process and work through whatever you are dealing with in relation to your pregnancy and birth.

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